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those of you who sit under the same moon
may speak the same language.
these syllables tread softly
before rending themselves upon a corner.
this poetry is liquid,
it sputters and jerks and freezes
betwixt the thick wet grass
and the webs of my fingers.
the double shadows veil it,
draw the vowels into unquiet resting.
when you breathe, the steam clouds your vision;
reminds you that you exist,
perhaps my serenity is your serenity
as the low pulse of the freeway lulls your mind,
and the green-to-grey spread before you
acts as grounding.
:iconaurora-storm:Aurora-Storm 1 0
Tear into your heart with my teeth
lick the wounds on your soul raw,
until they crack with the pressure and become itchy with healing.
Suffocate you in the sweat-and-aloe scent of my skin.
Crush you to my chest, rend your back with my claws, breathe fire into your lungs
until you can barely gasp for it.
Curse you, curse your suffering, curse how long you've
Break my palm upon your teeth,
crack open your ribs and pry apart your insides.
You would shudder as I shudder,
you would melt under my fingers as they press brands into your back,
holding you fast,
shredding the like of a thousand band-aid memories and flaying you to your very soul.
I would scour every inch of skin,
prod the soreness, pierce the blisters raw.
In the end, I would turn to you,
and whisper and shudder and cry,
and be so grateful,
that, for now,
it was over.
:iconaurora-storm:Aurora-Storm 0 0
I wanted to devour her.
She was warm to the touch, to the point of fever
and it gave her skin a deep, ruddy blush
like the skin of an apple.
There were traces of heat everywhere -
the trail of my fingers to her hips,
the fragility of her ribs,
the delicate hollow of her throat.
It was too much, so I ignited her.
I gripped her in all the gentle places,
held her fast with my teeth and my arms.
She became flooded with fire.
The heat was enough to kill me, to make me dizzy
as though her body contained in itself a furnace,
or the sun.
There were glorious crests of it, founts, red,
then, embers.
They kept me warm for the rest of the night.
:iconaurora-storm:Aurora-Storm 1 3
- Ode to Bones -
You are the architect.
Upon you, we stand – we rise,
we retire, we lay
in agony when you fracture
and with pleasure at the allowance of your grace.
You are the beautiful, buttery yellow of parchment,
the ivory of piano keys,
the white in a checker patterned dance floor.
You can be leeched and strengthened like everything.
You are unlike anything.
You are the product of millenia -
shaped by Darwin's hand,
worn smooth and strong by the handling of each subsequent generation.
You are singular and universal. Do not doubt your perfection.
You are the support of a structure
that houses a mind
capable of great things.
Tendons sing out against you like guitar strings,
veins flare into swimming creeks and muscle
into rolling, tended prairies.
You act as guardian, vanguard to our most sacred organs.
We can breathe because your spires arch out like protective claws,
erect ourselves because of the fitted tower you provide.
The seat of our thinking rests inside the thickest shield of all,
:iconaurora-storm:Aurora-Storm 1 2
- Afterhours -
My plan is to deny you,
Because there are miles
between the crest I am bound to on concrete feet
and the quicksand inches that shift
slip slurry and pull at me;
every word pulls at me.
I'm going to lay on coals
and smoulder away like a hot fuss,
drink and gamble the nights away
(while you go on doing whatever).
I'm going to sneak and sieve
into the minds of everyone else,
and think for a moment isn't it grand
that I've got friends who really know
how to fill the time.
Isn't the bug-filled night great,
with the dry-wrung screech of empty trains
and the streetlights casting litter in alabaster.
It's good, it's a solid nickle-plated .22
that blows a hole through my skull like a .45.
But before that
I'm going to rant and rave and misquote famous politicians,
(and you feel free to) whisper – (only whisper, because I can't stand to hear it)
while I'm nailed out like a half-complete shed,
shut down and torn loose with the dull wedge of an axe
because someone (you) forgot to build a door
:iconaurora-storm:Aurora-Storm 1 4
- Gray's Anatomy -
Why must anatomy be learnt through cuts?
Weeks of nothing
but carving out the inside.
Grey is the guideline.
Despite its sterile, calculating detail
it lacks – it lacks the passionate red,
the spurt, the direct and tangible
as veins flow up and out and into
delicate branches, into colour,
into the swell of slick metallic heat,
all over --
all over the trunk, the canvass, to burst it
wide open and tear through the cavernous walls,
to dive head-first into the mess of it.
And you are achieving not because
you are scripting precise quantities and
strict measurements, but because
you are talking in tongues, the red howling
with you,
as you laugh,
as the layers crack and the endorphins hit
your bloodstream.
:iconaurora-storm:Aurora-Storm 1 3
- Another -
It comes and goes,
floods red.
Passages you carve out of stone,
through to tunnels that stiffen
long before you are gone.
And you sense the death in it?
Their bodies part so easily under your fingers,
like envelopes.
Do not fool yourself.
This is no exchange – this is taking
because you need and there is no other way.
This is consuming, this is
dark blots slurring the edge of your vision,
spider-cracks striking at your fingertips
memories that fracture and distort with each pleading breath.
carnivore, cannibal, inhuman.
In starving yourself, in feeding –
and tugging in the bottom of your leaden soul is only this hope –
I am so hungry.
:iconaurora-storm:Aurora-Storm 1 7
- Neon -
There is this place
I used to know.
I knew what it was called, too
back then.
Last time I passed it by
with my feet
speaking a slow drawl
against the slick autumn sidewalk
I had plugged myself into a
tragic, foreboding sound
that coursed through my body
like general anesthetic.
Sirens broke the blissful semi-silence
droning on inside my head.
I closed my eyes
and reached out
and my fingers glanced
the sterile shell
of a creature taught only to wail
and speed past like a ghost.
Breathe in. I watched as it flashed
through a neon-soaked night,
screaming for attention like a general at war.
The distance was surreal.
It turned a corner,
and left me
To my thoughts,
my music.
Deeply unsettled,
the night wept
in a shell-shocked silence.
I have not ventured there since.
:iconaurora-storm:Aurora-Storm 1 9
- Coroner -
If there were a time when your fears came to pass
And your only rejoice - noise torn out at last
Even still hollow echoes have senses to linger
And a gap of years slip through your cold quicksand fingers
Ears numb to a whirlwind you know, you know
Soul dragged into the deep end you know, you know
And the pain of displacement is wearing away
To reveal a less picturesque realm of decay
That I've locked myself in with this raw twist of words
And to feel these demons dark within me preserve
A semblance, a bearing of where my path lay
Yet now all I can cry for is something to stay
The cruel hand that breaks me, everything chases
Me into this fissure where I can touch traces
Of a sweet solemn girl, face turned to the skies
Precious thing, rended before those tears met her eyes
Because no one can relate now you know, you know
And alone you will wait now you know, you know
That you're numb to a process been aging for years
Wine that draws venom from unfettered tiers
Like jealous, destruction,
:iconaurora-storm:Aurora-Storm 1 3
- After Rain -
There is so much I hate
in waking.
There is the stiff numbness
of the bones,
the soft shock of a brain
trying to cope.
There is the muster of strength
to leave somewhere warm
to leave the comfort
and sweet numbness.
Above all
there is a sense of being uprooted
completely and unwillfully
so that in catching the fragments
of a dream
I cut my fingers
to pieces.
:iconaurora-storm:Aurora-Storm 0 4
Arrangement by Aurora-Storm Arrangement :iconaurora-storm:Aurora-Storm 0 0 Kangaroo Companion by Aurora-Storm Kangaroo Companion :iconaurora-storm:Aurora-Storm 3 10
- Ressurection -
That fleshed, disruptive seed
a half digested verse
unbearably restrained -
The stuff of neon-street brawls
and abrupt, aching silence
in a jagged tempo.
my stomach my heart my lungs my eyes
Throat. Burns with it
the flavour of a vicious bile
swells and crests and rocks my insides
rides the gulf of my ribs to attack the seized organ
with the feverish glee of a seasoned assassin.
That familiar pulse,
starts low in my gut and rises to meet the challenge of my throat.
Gagging tentacle of a monster
constricts, rapes my insides
pushes and forces and squirms
choked oh god I can't breathe
suckers my tongue, teases the roof of my mouth
shivers against the clench of my teeth, testing
Meanwhile every centimeter of my sinew, every organ, every cell
pregnant with a raw surge of energy
waiting waiting for the
sweet, sickening rush of release.
The voice of reason
oh god I hate you
punctures the tongue, the writhing beast
with a paralytic.
Still, it r
:iconaurora-storm:Aurora-Storm 2 10
- Drift -
The days and nights run together
like smoke through water.
a muted haze
that drifts
in and out of consciousness.
Amnesia guts all ideas,
with her little barbed claws
of razorwire.
they flop around, meaty silver flashes
cured in crimson.
my body heaves with expired fish
like some horrible afterbirth
of a miscarried verb.
a semblance of expectation
puffs out in a plea, to be
reclaimed gracelessly by the fog.
I drift to be similarly taken.
through this choked miasma,
I can sense the
grey roar
at the edge of the world.
:iconaurora-storm:Aurora-Storm 6 10
No More Skyscrapers by Aurora-Storm No More Skyscrapers :iconaurora-storm:Aurora-Storm 1 2 Muted Lights by Aurora-Storm Muted Lights :iconaurora-storm:Aurora-Storm 2 3


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